Life Meant to Live is a Non-Profit with two missions:


The first objective is to provide visual education to women who are contemplating abortion.


The second is to support pregnant women whose unborn child(ren) has received a terminal diagnosis.


At Life Meant to Live we believe in providing unbiased education to women who are contemplating abortion and providing a safe and inviting environment focused on supporting women.

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We strive to provide a welcoming, clean, and safe environment.


Our goal is to be considered a judgement-free, safe space where questions are encouraged, and women are uplifted.


Upon arrival, paperwork explaining our mission statement, the services we provide, and which section of the non-profit they qualify with, are provided.


We begin each appointment with an introduction of the ultrasound technician, the goals we hope to reach during this appointment (i.e. gestational dating, fetal development, etc) and any questions they may have regarding the process.


Our main goal through this appointment is to provide education.



Each of our technicians are hand-picked for this opportunity. They are selected based off of their skill set and their level of compassion. We believe that in our office, anyone should have the ability to show love and compassion to everyone they come into contact with regardless of race, gender, social background or life situation. We really take our “No Judgement” Policy to heart. Our goal is to create an environment, where those that we have the privilege of assisting, are comfortable enough to open up and ask questions about their pregnancy, so that we can better assist them during their time at our office.


At Life Meant to Live, we hope that through the idea of “seeing is believing” we can show women the life they are creating within their uterus, and give them accurate information on fetal development, the gestational age of their fetus and their options for their pregnancy.


If our Sonographers are unable to answer questions or aid in assistance, outside of ultrasound, we work with many other wonderful organizations who are eagerly awaiting a chance to help those who are pregnant and unsure, unprepared, or just wanting additional education and information on their options during their pregnancy.


What will be visible via ultrasound is determined by gestational age.